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It’s our purpose!

While the great outdoors is a vital element of our programs, equally important is the individual growth of our programs’ participants. Our Director, Colin French, has a strong background in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing, and we have infused this into our programs and the way our whole team operates. 

The benefits of choosing JDP to deliver your program are clear.

Cutting Edge

Using various proprietary tools from learning retention research, multiple intelligences theory, personal communication skills, and learning styles theory, JDP’s programs are at the forefront of experiential learning.

Made For You

Different groups have different needs. That’s why JDP allows schools and organisations to tailor our programs to suit their specific context and objectives. We are always energised by this process as we know every ounce of effort here is five pounds of outcome for you.


From the top down, JDP has the best people in the industry guiding our programs, ensuring an unforgettable experience for participants.


The results don’t lie: schools and organisations all across the country have praised the results they’ve experienced from attending our programs.

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