Organisations don’t just develop - it takes
intentional effort.

We collaborate with some of the most recognised and respected organisations in Australia, helping build relationships, teamwork and trust. Moving teams toward being more effective and a joy to be a part of. 

Why our programs are perfectly suited for your organisation 

JDP experiences are built around your specific context and objectives. We’ll help identify strengths and build relationships within your team, creating a program tailor made to achieve your goals, inspire your people and leave them with lifelong development tools.  We invariably make a strong impact at the individual level, allowing the participants and their life beyond work to flourish as well, extending well beyond the team.

We are often tasked with providing culture/organisation development processes that complement other work that you need to get done during an offsite. If carefully designed, these processes can really energise organisation processes like planning and information dissemination and problem solving.

Tried and tested

Our programs are evidence-based, proven and are effective the moment they roll out.

Engaging themes

Many JDP programs are built around highly engaging themes designed to capture and hold the attention of participants. Themes coupled with a structured Experiential Learning method create a highly accelerated learning environment.


Before and during our programs, we’ll ensure we adapt to the needs of your group to attain the best results.

Comfort zones

By building trust, we allow participants to feel safe enough to push themselves outside of their comfort zones and grow.

We care

Our staff care just as much as you do. Their expertise and enthusiasm will ensure an unforgettable experience and represent your brand as it should be.

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