The Journey We Follow

Our uniqueness lies in our purpose and intention and our relentless focus on it - every single day!
Every single client!

Evoke a sense of invigoration and renewal

With a little dose of courage and some leading by example - you will help write your groups next chapter. For organisations, we will use any agreed setting to bring the co-designed program to life and allow our positive psychology, and organisation development processes to nurture growth.

Outdoor recreation is one of our most commonly used settings, and for good reason, it brings focus, removes distractions, provides challenge and always encompasses working together. It is equally effective for student groups, grad programs and any adult team - it’s universally ideal!

Many other settings are equally capable of generating the energy and content for reflection for example Road To Monday (Car Rally style) or The Anthropologist (deep exploration of your or your competitors/partners value delivery systems or geography).

For schools, choose from a well worn path of outdoor rec experiences from Wilsons Prom, The Grampians, Tassie, introductory/preparatory hikes out of our Kinglake camp facility or go North to experience our Whitsundays adventure.

The methodology driving our programs

Learning Styles / Multiple Intelligences

No individual learns in exactly the same way as their peers. JDP programs are developed to be inclusive of all learning styles and types of learner -  kinaesthetic, auditory and visual. Our methodology is also informed by Gardners Multiple Intelligence theory for similar reasons.

On Journey programs, each participant must at some point have presented to them a clear call to take a lead based on their knowledge, experience or level of competency and comfort.

Our program designs will also generally follow Kolb’s model for experiential learning to ensure that our experiences have a manageable structure and drive to outcomes.

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