It’s time for your program! 

But are you prepared?

To make the most of your time with us, there’s plenty that needs to be done first.

Whether you’re a school or an organisation, we’ve provided a helpful list of action items you’ll need to check off before you and your group begin their adventure. We want to make attending our programs as easy as possible.



KFA Certificate of Insurance Currency
This convenient insurance policy will cover your group’s needs as they participate in our many outdoor activities during their time at KFA Camp.

Here at JDP, Your safety is our number one priority, and your confidence in our abilities, expertise and accreditation are of paramount importance to us.

  • QTF Camps & Adventure Activity Provider Accreditation
  • Emergency Management Plan 
  • Risk Assessments


  1. How to get here – Copy to all drivers please. Note: NO RIGHT TURN into the camp if approaching from the North.

  2. Accommodation Layouts

  3. Campers register – Please provide a register of campers you will bring to KFA and include a summary of any significant medical or dietary requirements. Note that this summary DOES NOT replace the need for a parent/guardian signed comprehensive medical conditions form. (A spreadsheet without any formatting or spacing is the best tool to use). Sample Campers Register. You must provide this in advance of camp.

  4. Arrival briefing, emergency contact details and general terms and conditions of hire. – Please print out and ensure that all leaders have a copy of this important four page document.

  5. More info regarding our bushfire safety.

"In the embrace of the great outdoors, I find my personal purpose as well as  a classroom where every step, every challenge, becomes a learning. Experiential education is my compass in this journey, unlocking the wisdom that nature and hands-on learning have to offer—connecting me to the outdoors and sharing those endless possibilities of growth and understanding."

- Maddy Bennett

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