Our Team

A Team Built on Experience, Excellence and Engagement.

Colin French

Managing Director

Colin brings with him a wealth of experience in regional and global marketing for Fortune 100 companies. He co-established Journey Development Programs and Kinglake Forest Adventures Camp in 2005 and remarkably rebuilt it after the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires.

🎯 Steering us toward outcome goals every single day. 

Reg Crawford

Senior Facilitator

Reg Crawford boasts an impressive 22-year career in the Australian Army, with significant roles in the Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) and operational service in international hotspots including Rwanda, East Timor, and Iraq. He's been decorated with the U.S. Bronze Star Medal and has served as an advisor to the UN. Since leaving the military, Reg has transferred his leadership skills to the corporate world, consulting with top-tier organisations such as Mastercard and Deloitte.

🎯 The Colonel, really.

Mark “Squiz” Squirrell

Senior Facilitator

Squiz is a former Australian Commando who was awarded the "Green Beret". Throughout his military career, he has escorted food convoys through the Gaza Strip, negotiated with the Tamil Tigers, and brokered deals with Somali Clansmen to ensure the safe delivery of UN food aid. He has also climbed Mount Everest and documented his extraordinary experiences in a book titled 'From Arafat to Everest' and has received the Order of Australia medal (OAM). Since his return to Australia in 2008, Squiz has applied his unique skill set to facilitate team development and leadership training.

🎯 Leading through experience - and smiling!

Stephen Hamilton

Senior Facilitator

Stephen is a highly motivated facilitation professional with extensive experience in mentoring and training staff in delivering high quality programs to clients. He has an exceptional ability to build and strengthen positive relationships with clients and was previously CEO, and owner, of Wild, Australia’s Wilderness Adventure Magazine and Rock, Australia’s Climbing Magazine.

He headed up Australian Camps Association Membership & Preferred Supplier procurement division and is also an accomplished climber and outdoor professional. Stephen established over 500 first ascents rock-climbing in Australia. He has also climbed major peaks in Europe, Northern Africa, North America and New Zealand.

🎯 Provider of Dad Jokes and Wisdom 

Maddy Bennett

Operations Manager

Armed with a bachelor’s degree in Outdoor Education and a wealth of life experiences gained as a globetrotter, Maddy Bennett stands as our foremost expert in captivating crafting learning environments. In her capacity as Experience Manager at JDP, she adeptly navigates the realms of effective communication, seamless cross-team collaboration, and innovative problem-solving. Preceding this pivotal role within the organisation, Maddy has served as a Group Leader with World Challenge and been involved with numerous prestigious schools in their outdoor and education programs showcasing her leadership prowess and commitment to experiential education.

🎯 Young and sharp, sharp as!