Curious about our programs?

Here are answers to our most commonly asked questions. 

Yes JDP has pre-configured offerings from simple offsite experiences and conference hosting through to partly facilitated team building activities and significant multi-night organisation development programs.

Nearly all JDP programs have multiple elements of customising to suit your specific context and outcomes desired.

JDP is fully accredited from facilities through to adventure activities which includes appropriately qualified staff and program delivery to AAAS standards (Australian Adventure Activity Standards).

How do you make the most of our time with you?

We understand the investment in offsite programs is significant and discretionary - which is why your experience with JDP will begin before the program. Your experience will be jam packed during program and the closure processes will be very intentional. If you have students learning leadership, that’s what they will learn. If you have an organisation team seeking more effectiveness, that’s what you will achieve.

No, ‘challenge by choice’ is our philosophy and we will fiercely protect the rights of participants to not be judged based on their personal choices. 

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