We empower teams to grow and move
forward together.

JDP programs cover wellbeing, personal communications, explanatory style, character and functional strengths and relationships. All in the context of themes that keep participants engaged, enthused and connected.

Themed programs for any organisation or sports team.

Fresh Eyes

Explore your organisation’s whole Purpose, Goals and Strategies and where its resources/energies can be found being put to work. Is there One Missing Element?


Traditional Survivor theme in the forest complete with bandanas, flags, challenges, tribal councils (but missing the ‘get voted out’ element).

The Briefcase

Be provided with a mission briefing, find clues, discover maps and overcome challenges to ultimately locate the briefcase, de-fuse it and be the first to the safe.

The Anthropologist

The Professor (particularly good looking) will brief you on how you will support the wealthy philanthropists expedition. Explore the place of interest, its culture and practices of its past, present and possible futures.

Road to Monday.

A carpooling team based car rally with real depth. At the end of this program, the team will have plenty of stories, new found teamwork skills and some fresh thinking for management. The very next Monday for this team will be like none before.

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